Honda H22 Euro-R Intake Manifold (with basic adapters)


The modified H22 Euro-R manifold is our most popular manifold package including the basic machine work and 5 common adapter pieces.  This package will allow you to adapt your stock USDM idle air control valve along with you stock H22 fuel injectors and fuel rail (specify stock or aftermarket rail when ordering).  This also icludes the blockoff plates for the EGR system for racing purposes only.  Stock H22 throttle bodies can be used with this manifold but only with some slight modification at the time of installation.  Integra Type-R throttle bodies as well as early S2000 throttle bodies and most aftermarket throttle bodies will bolt on just fine.  Use of aftermarket fuel injectors should be noted at time of purchase as they will require additional machining for fitment.


  • Injector area CNC ported to allow for USDM fuel injector spray patterns

  • Machined clearance on flange for installation with stock intake manifold gasket

  • Air injection holes in flange tapped and plugged

  • Small 90 degree fitting on front of plenum removed and plugged

  • Brake booster fitting removed and plugged and relocated to the rear of the plenum

  • IACV adapter plate for USDM Idle air control valve

  • EGR valve blockoff plate

  • EGR cover plate

  • Throttle cable bracket

  • Fuel Rail adapter kit for specified fuel rail

  • Throttle body port matching to specified size

Price $575.00 plus shipping

Note:  The Euro-R manifold also requires the use of a screw in style IAT sensor (sold seperately)



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